Club Sport in Herne

You want to do sport and get to know new people? Here, you will find some information!

In Herne, there are many possibilities to do sport. A good opportunity to do so is to go to a sports club. In Herne, there are more than 160 sports clubs. They offer a great many different sports for all age groups. 

What is special about a sports club?

All sports clubs in Herne are organized and managed in an honorary capacity. This means that everyone there works on a voluntary basis without making money. In the club, you can work either as a coach or as a member of the managing committee. In Germany, coaches are also called ‘Übungsleiter’ (training supervisor) and training sessions are also called ‘Übungsstunden’ (practice hours). Coaches/training supervisors have to complete a training course in order to supervise and train other people during sports. Apart from the weekly training, many clubs also offer some other leisure opportunities such as weekend meetings, barbecues or excursions. Moreover, the club members jointly take part in competitions and tournaments. The important thing is that you can rely on each other. This also involves the regular attendance of the training sessions. In Germany, men and women have equal rights. So it is quite normal that boys and girls or men and women also do sport together. During sports, the rules are the same for all. 

What do I have to pay? How can I register?

For children and adolescents up to the age of 18, sometimes the City of Herne will bear the costs.

This means that parents do not have to pay for their children. Adults from the age of 18 pay a small monthly amount. This amount differs from to club to club. The monthly amount to be paid is almost always less than €10. Before a registration, every club offers trial training sessions for free, i.e. you can take part free of charge in one or several training sessions. Thereafter, you may decide whether you want to continue. The registration in a club is made via an agreement. This agreement has a duration of 6 to 12 months.

The coaches on site will be glad to answer your questions and will help you filling out the agreements!


Where do I get sports clothes?

If you do sport, you need sports clothes. Here, you will get clothes free of charge or for a small fee:

Here, you can buy sportswear at favourable prices:

  • Decathlon -> Herne branch (
  • Kik -> Herne branches (

Many clubs also lend clothes. Please ask the coach for more information.


How and where do I find a club?

On the Internet, you will find some information on the clubs in Herne and their sports programmes.

The sports halls and sports fields are distributed all over Herne.

  • Facebook: „Vereinssport in Herne“ (
  • Homepage of the Stadtsportbund: -> Vereinssuche
  • General overview „Gesunde Stadt Herne“ (available in many public institutions and at the Stadtsportbund Herne)
  • Homepage of the City of Herne: ->Sport ->Sportangebote von A-Z


When having found a club – how can I get in touch with it?

Almost every club has a homepage. There, you will find telephone numbers. Just call the contact persons and ask. The sports club employees all work during the day and are, in addition, employed in the club. Therefore, the phone may not be answered immediately. Please just call once again. If the club has an office, you may receive information on the opening hours there. Or you simply go to the sports hall or the sports field during training times and inquire about the opening hours. 

If you are a member in a club, the coach will always be the most important contact person! 

We, too, will be glad to help you:

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